Wake vs. No. 3 FSU: post-game Q--As

Winston-Salem, NC - Coaches and players spoke to members of the media following Wake Forest's 59-3 loss to No. 3 Florida State.
Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe
How much of the turnovers were a result of their athleticism and their ability to create them versus you making mental mistakes? "Oh yeah I don't think there is any question that I would like to say that its mainly our mistakes but I think we were playing a really, really good football team… I'd like to say that it was totally us shooting ourselves in the foot but a big part of that was Florida State. You got too give them a lot of credit, that's a really good football team."

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On FSU's defense: "A lot of people over looked this defense, Florida State's defense. That was my biggest concern going in was not necessarily taking care of the football but making first downs, you know I thought we were going to have to scratch out first downs against these guys and I never dreamed we would come into the game and turn the ball over seven times."
Coach in your 13 years here is this the best team you've faced? "Well I think so, you know I was trying to think back if there was any body better you know we've played a couple of top five Florida State teams in the past, we've played a couple really good Virginia tech teams, you know we played a really good Miami team back when they had Devin Hester and some of those guys you know but I don't think there is any question from my stand point in 13 years this is the best team we've faced."
Wake Forest inside linebacker Mike Olson
On the team's attitude: "Everyone's focused. We want to go to a bowl game bad and were just looking for two more wins so were going to play hard until we get them."
Wake Forest nose guard Nikita Whitlock
What can you do? "Our focus has to be on duke and Vanderbilt now so you got to go get two."
Wake Forest quarterback Tyler Cameron
On the loss to Florida State: "Those are elite athletes. We can compete with them though. We've done it before. There's no excuse to get beat like this. We've got to come back and try to get better and compete with those guys."
Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher
Opening statement: "[I'm] proud of the way our guys competed in the game. I thought we got out early. I thought the defense was absolutely amazing. I thought the offense had a long drive ealy, and then the defense got those turnovers and got control of the game. The defense all day - what, seven turnovers, six interceptions and short fields. They were outstanding - playing the run, playing the pass - they were absolutely amazing."
"On offense, we converted and did the things they needed to do. I thought offense on the day did not play as well. I thought we missed a lot of opportunities, a lot of little things. We need to clean up a lot of stuff, but special teams was really good."
"I'm proud of them. We won 59-3. This has always been a tough place for us to play. [I'm] proud of the way our guys came out and did their job."