Talking Curry on Seahawks radio

This afternoon I had the opportunity to join the guys from Seahwaks Nation Blog and 12th Man Rising and talk about Aaron Curry and his future with the Seattle Seahawks. They have a weekly radio show at 3:00 ET broadcast live online (I will post the link to the archive once it is available). The last few weeks their shows have focused on one of the Seahawks incoming draft picks, and this week was Aaron Curry.
It was enjoyable to look back at Aaron's time with Wake and to think about what the future may hold for him in the NFL. Despite not being heavily recruited, Curry developed into an outstanding football player and a true leader for the Demon Deacons. No one had as much passion and energy for the game as Curry.
On the show I had the chance to discuss Aaron's strengths (speed, agility, football IQ, tackling) and also some of the areas that still need some development (pass rush, and pass coverage to some extent).
Tim Collette of Seahawks Nation Blog and Shaun Dolence of 12th Man Rising informed me that in mini camps the Seattle coaching staff has experimented with moving Curry up to a defensive end position on some plays. It is an interesting idea, but would definitely be a significant adjustment for Curry. I have trouble seeing him playing in a three point stance on a regular basis, but I can see him walking up on the strong side and playing that type of role from a two point stance a yard or so back from the line of scrimmage. It will be interesting to see how he is used.
Curry is yet to sign a contract, but as was mentioned on the show, only two first round selections have signed already. Right now this is par for the course and Curry has indicated that he has no plans to hold out. I fully expect him to sign by the time Seahawks training camp opens.
After recapping Curry's career at Wake Forest, we discussed at what point in his career Curry became the kind of player who might be an NFL contributor. In my opinion, Curry started gaining enough attention during his junior season that he may have been a first day draft selection if he had come out then (probably third round), but that coming back for his senior season was quite obviously the right decision.
Finally, we talked about Curry winning the Butkus award and what an honor it was for Butkus to come to Wake and present him with the award. I was there for that event and it was definitely special. Butkus was definitely impressed by Curry and Curry likewise with Butkus. That was also the day Curry told the story of his recruitment, which premium subscribers can read here.
All in all it was an enjoyable hour talking with Tim and Shaun, and it is clear Curry has a whole lot of support in the Pacific Northwest. They are plenty excited to have Curry on the field this fall, and are looking forward to a long career filled with many pro bowls. Best of luck to Curry and the Seahawks organization.