Jim Grobe and player Q--As

After a 34-27 loss to Duke, Wake Forest (3-2, 1-2 ACC) hits the road for critical game at Maryland (2-2, 0-0 ACC).
The Demon Deacons are 1-4 in their last five trips to College Park.
Jim Grobe and select players met with members of the media to discuss last week's letdown against the Blue Devils, recovering from that for Saturday's challenge in the Terrapins and more.
Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe
A lot of things didn't go right Saturday, but it sounds like that you all are trying to correct that. Did you all have a good practice last night? "Yeah, we had a good practice, and we're trying to look at things on both sides. We never just blame the players. I really felt like Saturday was one of those deals where the players have to except a great deal of responsibility, because we had so many opportunities to make plays and didn't make them, but at the same we looked at it and maybe we had a few too many wrinkles in that we didn't play as fast as we could have had we thinned the game-plan down on both sides of the ball."
"We're looking at that as coaches, but I think it's a typical Wake Forest game; not just a Wake Forest-Duke game. We want to be in that position we want to be in the fourth quarter with you with a chance to win and you get in that situation and you got to make plays and we didn't make the plays we needed to to win."
On the impact of Michael Campanaro's injury: "It's kind of hard on Terence Davis, because we tried to plug him into that role, but he really had spent more time on the outside."
"I think last night we had a really good practice. I think the guys realize that hey Camp's not going to be here, we got to step up. I thought the energy from our receiving group was really good."
"You get lulled to sleep sometimes when you got a guy like Camp. Everybody counts on him to get it done. You lose a lot of offensive production when he's not in there, especially if you haven't planned otherwise."
According to Twitter I'm hearing that there's no surgery and maybe back by Clemson. What did they tell you? "I saw [Wake Forest trainer] Don [Steelman] Sunday morning and he felt like and of course you never know … kids heal at different paces, but he felt like with or without surgery we were looking at three to four weeks."
"One of the nice things we've got an open date, so that gives him an extra week there. I would be totally for having him back by Clemson (Thursday, Oct. 25). I would be a fan of that."
"Don's not told me one way or the other [if Campanaro will have surgery or not], but he felt good either way. He felt like this is an injury he'll bounce back from unless he's got something in there that they couldn't anticipate. The only word I got yesterday was they were going to do another set of X-rays to make sure they had it looked at the right way, and I don't know what they're decisions been. Mainly the reason is I know he's not going to play this week, so I really haven't worried too much about it."
On relating to how Randy Edsall is building Maryland's Football Program in his second year at the helm: "I think Randy's [Edsall] done what I've done twice. You're trying figure out how the old guys fit, and then once you got the old guys that you think fit now you got to plug the young guys in, so they're kind of in transition, but they kind of balanced that out right now. I think they feel pretty good about their starters right now. That's a big difference. I think last year even when we played they were still influx on both sides of the ball with their personnel, and they've kind of settled that in. They kind of got those guys doing the same things every day, and they're playing really, really, really good defense right now."
Wake Forest fullback/H-Back Tommy Bohanon
Is everybody recovered from the Duke game? "Yeah, I think so. We came out to practice and we had a great practice yesterday, so I feel like we're focused on Maryland. We're not thinking about Duke anymore."
Michael Campanaro has caught 38 passes. How do you compensate? What are you going to do with this team? "I think it's going be more of a group effort. It's not just going to be one guy stepping up. I think it's going to have to be a lot of different players, because Camp's a different type of player. He's a great player, and we're going to have to counterbalance that by having everybody step up instead of one player and having one go-to-guy. We're going to have to have a group of people that can make those."
Wake Forest place kicker Jimmy Newman
How nice was it to see those kicks go through against Duke? "It was good. It felt real nice. It had been raining and the balls were real slick. My holder and snapper had been doing a really good job of getting every single one of them down, so that wasn't really an issue."
Before those kicks went through you really haven't had very many opportunities to kick and you had a couple of misses. Was your confidence shaken at all? "I wouldn't say it was shaking. That first one of the year got tipped, and the second one I pulled to the left a little bit, but I would have to say it's always hard after you have something like that happen."
"I have to forget those kicks and move on, working on stuff for Maryland, but I wouldn't say so. It's easy for it to, but I wouldn't say it was."