Danny Dembry Q--A

Boston College has some special defensive players like Luke Kuechly and other big-time players what about them makes them challenging for you guys? "Like you said they have a lot of great defensive players, and they've stopped us pretty much the last couple of games we've played them."
Do you think you all are up for the challenge? "As practice continues throughout the week I think we will be on Saturday."
They're kind of down, so is it hard not to look past them to Florida State? "You can't look past any ACC school even though they're 1-3. They have some tough losses like us, so you can't look past any ACC school. You have to go out there and play your best."
What do you see as far as maturation for Tanner Price as a quarterback from last year to this year? "He's learned the offense more. He has complete control of it now. He understands what his hots are, when he needs to get the ball off and stuff like that, and he's on time. Last year he may be used to wait for us to get out of our breaks, but now the ball is there once we come out. It's a great feeling to know your quarterback is looking for you."
Do you feel like there's a lot of pressure on the passing game, because the running game is still kind of struggling? "No, I wouldn't say it's a lot of pressure. I think we just believe right now that's our strength, and we have the receivers, quarterback and offensive line to get it done. We're just doing what we have to do."
This weekend you have a great opportunity to stay undefeated in conference play. Is that something you all are talking about as a team? "Yes, you want to be undefeated as long as you can in conference play, go for the ACC Championship game. Playing in BC is pretty tough. Last time we were up there we lost in overtime. Hopefully we can come out this time with the win."
Were you glad to get that break? "Actually I wasn't. I felt like we were on a roll. I felt like it was best we continued playing, but it's always good to get a break, and enjoy some time off. That does help."
What did you do with your time? "We just hung out with some of my fellow receivers, and watched some football games. It's always fun to sit back and watch other teams play."
Which games did you watch? "I was flipping back through every channel. We definitely watched the LSU-West Virginia game. We watched the Miami game, the Clemson and Florida State game."
When you watched those games did you think about or picture what it's going to be like when you play them [Florida State and Clemson], or are you just focused on where you're at right now? "Right now I think we're focused. We were just watching them for enjoyment. When we get to that week we must focus on what they do, and what they'll try to do to us."
So you've been able to have two huge games in a row. Is it hard to maintain that high level of play? "I wouldn't say it's hard to maintain that level of play, because that's what Coach Grobe is expecting of me now since he's seen that I can do that, so I'm just hoping that it will continue throughout the season and we'll continue to win."