Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani Q--A

Frank Spaziani discussed Boston College's (2-6, 1-4 ACC) upcoming challenge in Wake Forest (4-4, 2-4 ACC) with members of the media during Wednesday's ACC Football Coaches Teleconference.
Opening statement: "We're going down to face a Wake Forest team that in the past BC and Wake Forest have had some very competitive games, and I see no reason why this one shouldn't be any different than the past, so once again we have our cut out for us any time we face a Jim Grobe team."
Were there certain things that you did particularly well last week that the kind of message is that's exactly what I want to see this coming week? "Well, we made some plays and winning plays. We made some on defense and we certainly made some on offense and certainly in the kicking game."
"We practiced better and we changed things up a little bit. There were opportunities that we hadn't made in the past for whatever reason that we were able to make last week. We'll see if we can continue doing it."
What concerns you when you look at Wake Forest on film? "Well, once again Wake Forest is always extremely well-coached. Jim has done a great job, he and his staff. You know they will have you dissected."
"They certainly have a very capable receiving corps. They have a big-league back, they have a big-league quarterback, and they've been able to hang in there on defense all the time against us. It's a competitive game for us."
When you get the win to break the losing streak when you go to practice this week do you see a difference? Does it carry over at all? "Oh yeah, absolutely. I don't think it's a difference that I could run out and see and go wow what a big difference this is, but there's a little bit more bounce in everybody's step and they're starting to feel good about themselves. You have some positive things happen to you you start to feel a little better about yourself and validated on what you're doing. It's certainly positive."
Alex Amidon had a big game Saturday. He's had a consistently good season. What are the things that make him such an outstanding receiver? "You hit the word, consistent season, and he's been a consistent player since he's been here in the aspects of he comes out to work, it's important to him, he gives a 100-percent and he's just built on his freshman year, sophomore year and usually your third year is when you start seeing kids blossom. I'm happy for him. It's a product of his hard-work and his consistency really."
Is he one of these guys that's a possession receiver or does he have good speed? "He's deceptively fast, and another thing to go back to your previous question Doug Martin has done a great job with our offense utilizing the talent that's available to him. We all recognize what Alex brings to the table."