Blitch leaves team

The Winston-Salem Journal's Dan Collins reported Daniel Blitch has left the Wake Forest football team before the second practice of fall training camp.
Blitch, a 6-foot-6, 310-pound redshirt sophomore right guard, played in three games last season. Before he left the team Blitch, a Georgia native, was practicing with the second string offense with Frank Souza ahead of him. Souza made the switch from nose guard in the spring.
"That's why we moved Souza to right guard - we expected that," Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe said in an interview with Collins. "I hate that the kid quit because he's got ability. But as I [said] the other day, I didn't feel like he was enjoying it, and if you don't enjoy it you shouldn't do it.
"It may just be here. It may just be it didn't work out here and he may find a place. I've had kids that have gone other places and played and been happy. So that's what we hope for. But he wasn't doing himself any good here if he wasn't happy. This is a tough game. If you don't love this game, it's hard to compete."
Deacons Illustrated will have more on Blitch's departure.