Postgame Q--As: Wake Forest vs. G-W

Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe
On how the defense played
"I was disappointed defensively. I thought we were really disorganized early in the game. We came in with a plan against certain sets to use base defense, and certain situations and sets to be in nickel coverage. We were not doing a very good, a very smooth job of getting in and out of those fronts and coverages, but we settled down."

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On how the offense played
"I thought offensively the biggest issue we had is we had to kick a couple of field goals when we should have come away with touchdowns."
What kind of value can you assign to getting as many people on the field as you were able to, particularly with the second team offensive line, got a whole of defensive guys, how much value do you get out of that?
"I don't think there's anything better than to be able to do that. These guys practice hard every day. We don't treat them one bit differently than we do the old guys. We take a lot of these young guys. They're lifting just as hard, practicing just as hard. They run all the gassers. They're doing everything, and then Saturday rolls around, and sometimes they don't get a lot of work. We did it in a measured way. We just didn't throw everybody out there. The guys that we put out there we really challenged them to play good while they were there. We didn't want to go out, and get sloppy, and start turning the ball over, and give up big plays and silly penalties, so we were measured in our approach. I thought the kids when they did get a chance to go in really played hard. Some of those younger guys played pretty good I think when we gave them a chance."
Coach, Jimmy Newman has really come a long way since the Syracuse game, and his leg seems a lot stronger. Would you just talk about his progression? "Jimmy did a nice job except for the one shank where he kicked it out of bounds, and we gave it up on the 40-yard line. Other than that I thought his kickoffs were good tonight. I think he was having some fun with a little bit of help behind him. Kicking at the score board we had a little bit of a breeze, but still he put a bunch of them in the endzone. That was a big turning point in the game. Early in the game we had poor field position, and as the game went on you give offenses the ball on the 20, and tell them start their drive, and go three-and-out you get great field position that's what really, really helped us as the game went on. I thought Jimmy kicked off well. What he's done really good the past couple of games we've had two or three pretty bad snaps, and Alex Wulfeck's done a nice job getting it and getting it set, and Jimmy's stayed with it. A lot of kickers panic when it's not a perfect snap and set, and he got that first one through tonight. It was a really bad snap, and we got the set. He just calmly stayed with it till the ball was down, and kicked it through. I'm happy with him right now. I think he's doing some really good things. I wasn't happy with him after Syracuse, but the last two games I've been very pleased. He can get better. As soon as I pat him on the back here we go again, but he's had two good games. We need to continue to do that."
Wake Forest outside linebacker Kyle Wilber
That sack for a 13-yard was great. What did you see on that play?
"Coach Billings he's set up a defense for us where he told us the back is going to slide my way, because the center is turning to Nikita Whitlock to double him up, so it freed me up with just me and the back. The back tried to cut me, and I jumped, kind of stiff armed him, and went to go get the sack."
What does this win do for you guys going into a bye week? You obviously have a lot of momentum, but what does this win do for you?
"It gives us a good motivation, let all of the twos get in, get some playing experience. Now we have to focus on Boston College. Coach Grobe is giving us three days off, so now we get to go into practice to be motivated. We have two weeks now to prepare for Boston College. It's going to be a great game."
Wake Forest wide receiver Chris Givens
Everyone's saying your blocked punt was the turning point of the game. Did you feel like the attitude changed for you guys when you did that?
"I felt like we picked up the intensity a little bit just because before that blocked punt we were kind of dragging a little bit, and not playing up to our potential, so I knew going into that either me or Lovell had to make a play to get the team and the fans back into it. I just took it upon myself to try to make a play."
Has the way Danny Dembry's played taken pressure off you, because during the Syracuse game you were having to do so much, and I know Michael Campanaro didn't play tonight. It seems like you guys have three No. 1 receivers. Does that take pressure off you?
"I think so, because as a defense you can't just key on one of us, or one of the other two or our running backs are going to kill you. It definitely takes a lot of pressure off. It just allows us to go out there, and have more fun, because in practice we're throwing the ball around, making plays, having fun. It's translating onto the field."