Jim Grobe and player Q--As

The turnaround from Saturday's 16-10 win over Virginia in Charlottesville is a short one for Wake Forest (4-3, 2-3 ACC), which hosts No. 13 Clemson (6-1, 3-1 ACC) Thursday, Oct. 25.
The Tigers have won seven of the last 10 meetings with the Demon Deacons, including a come-from-behind 31-28 decision in Death Valley last season.
Jim Grobe, Riley Haynes, Brandon Terry and Garrick Williams discussed the upcoming challenge and more.
Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe
Is Michael Campanaro going to play or do you not know yet? "Definitely, probably, maybe. He was doing a nice job catching tennis balls last night. He actually even was catching tennis balls with one hand, which was kind of cool, and threw him a few footballs. He's still got some soreness, but we're kind of in that area right now where how much better would he be by Boston College; maybe not a lot better. And I think they feel like he's healed up really well, so it's a little bit we're leaving it up to the Doctors."
"We're kind of of the opinion if he can go out and practice and do things without having too much discomfort and be able to do them well … I have some concerns besides just the hand. I worry about his conditioning and I worry about him being sharp running routes, which he's really good at when he's practicing a lot and just the things he's missed hand-eye coordination-wise as far as just catching enough balls."
"We're going to play it by ear and see. We don't want to put him on the field first of all if he can't be really good and then secondly we want make sure he doesn't get hurt somewhere else, because he's not ready to go play again, so probably his hand is not as big a concern for me right now as just how many practices he's missed and how many games he's been out."
"We'll know before game-time whether we'll play him or not. We'll have an idea about that. I know it's in vogue for the coaches to keep everybody in suspense. I'm not smart enough to figure all of that out, so I would say we'll know certainly by the end of the day tomorrow what we're going to try to do."
More on Campanaro: "He was [in uniform last night]. He didn't take a lot of reps, but Don [Steelman] worked him out a little bit to see how he was doing, and then they let him kind of work in, but we had not planned on him being in there last night, so we worked the other guys."
"They're trying to work out a device on his hand, so they can pad it, so he can still catch the football and of course receivers don't like having anything other than maybe their gloves on and so when you start putting on other things on there and thinking they're probably looking at how he can best be protected, but at the same time function well."
"I think they got some ideas from last night. Last night was kind of an experiment. They had a little deal that came about halfway around his hand. He's still sore, so they're kind of going to expand that a little bit and see how that feels."
Wake Forest inside linebacker Riley Haynes
When you look at a Clemson offense that has so many weapons … DeAndre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins and more what do you have to start with fundamentally? "You got to learn your game-plan as well as possible, especially on a short week. They have so many athletes and so many great players on the offensive side of the ball that if you miss an assignment they will make you pay for it and they probably will score, because they've done that all year. If people get out of their gaps Andre Ellington going to take it to the house. If you miss a coverage Sammy Watkins or DeAndre Hopkins is going to find it and they're going to score and they're going to make you pay, so I think with a team like this they do a couple of things that mess with you mentally a little bit, so I think it's huge to be mentally sound and defend the big plays as much as you can to have a chance at slowing them down."
Wake Forest wide receiver Brandon Terry
Going back to your big play at Virginia I thought I was watching a power forward box out and go up to get a rebound. You want to break that one down? "Well, in the first half we didn't call too man pass plays, so I knew when my number was called I had to make a big play and come down with it. I ran full-speed and as soon as I saw the ball in the air it was in my mind that I was going to come down with the ball. I knew I was going to come down with it, and I just made a play on it. It felt amazing just to help my team out and get in field goal range in such short time. I think it was a great boost to get the momentum going into halftime and we received the ball after halftime, which helped really helped us out."
On the short time to prepare for Clemson: "Really get in our playbooks, know the plays, know what to expect, get in the film room, because they use a ton of different defenses, so we have to really be prepared for anything and just at practice just really focusing on having high-intensity practices."
Wake Forest center Garrick Williams
I feel like there's still a chance for this team to accomplish a lot. You have five games left in the regular season, so despite the adversity and the challenges ahead what are you and the other older guys doing specifically to convey to your teammates hey we can still do something here? "I think just come to practice every day with the right mindset and the right attitude and just leading by example and making it known that we can win and we can be successful. There's a lot of season left."