Five good minutes with Tanner Price

Wake Forest quarterback Tanner Price enters his junior season with two years of starting experience under his belt.
In 2011 Price completed 253-422 pass attempts for 3,017 yards (second all-time for a single season) and 20 touchdowns to six interceptions.
He spoke with Deacons Illustrated at the ACC Kickoff.
Tanner, going into the UNC game last season Wake only had five turnovers, then turned it over five times against the Tar Heels, making it the worst game statistically for you guys last season. Stress the importance of taking care of the ball and how Coach Grobe and Coach Lobo and how they constantly beat that into the you and your teammates. "It's something that they stress nonstop in practice, in film and before the game. They're constantly harping on not turning the ball over, because typically when you win the turnover battle you win the game."
"The team that throws the least interceptions and or causes the most turnovers is usually the victor. Each game I try to make the best decisions as possible and that kind of starts with preparation in the film room and having a grasp of what the defense is trying to do against us and having a grasp of where my outlets are [and] where hot routes are."
On how he is helping the young players: "At this moment with them being so young I'm just trying to build confidence in them, getting them to understand that they are great players and that they can play with anybody. That's probably the biggest thing and the biggest stance that I'm taking, just being a confidence builder."
Aside from Michael Campanaro who are you expecting big things from? "I'm looking forward to Terence Davis stepping up and having a great senior year and really becoming a strong player for us."
"There's a lot of young guys I think will step up. Lovell Jackson, he's a senior and I think he's very talented and committed to the team and focused and wants to have a great season."
"Sherman Ragland and Matt James are two young guys that will step up this year."
You went from three wins to six wins, but you still finished 6-7. What's the next step for Wake? "We're continuing to make strides, and that's our goal each year to improve off of every season before. Like you said we had a losing last year despite the fact we made it to a bowl game we still had a losing record, so as a team we want to consistently win seven-plus games and then have a winning season."
"Our goal is to make it to the ACC Championship, and in order to do that we're going to have to win a lot of football games."
On the Manning Passing Academy: "We got a chance to sit down and talk with Eli and Peyton for a little bit and pick their brain. Just to be able to pick the brain of Super Bowl MVP's and an NFL MVP and Super Bowl winners is a really good experience."